SCA Sensory Skills Foundation (English) The Hague

Learn the essential elements required within Sensory evaluation of coffee. Through practical and interactive methods, you will gain expertise within taste and learn how to apply it to the evaluation of speciality coffee through the following areas:


  • Introduction to identify speciality coffee qualities and how to implement them in your business.
  • Understand the importance of sensory in coffee and the cupping process
  • Learn about the physiology of sensory aspects; olfaction and gustation
  • Identify the different tastes and aromas that exist in coffee
  • Understand how to use and maintain the core equipment for coffee sensory analysis.


Prior education: None.

All the key information will enable you to gain your SCA Sensory Foundation certification that consists of 4 short practical exams and a written exam (15 questions – pass rate of 60% required).



International Tea & Coffee Academy
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2516 AH Den Haag
T. 06 12 80 25 93


International Tea & Coffee Academy
Gildenveld 8
3892 DG Zeewolde
T. 06 12 80 25 93

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SCA Sensory Skills Foundation (English) The Hague 06-05-2019 10:00–17:00 € 297,00 Aanmelden