SCA Barista Skills Intermediate (English)


What influences flavor?  What is the impact of grind size and how can I work fast and efficiently?

In the SCA Barista Skills Intermediate training we learn about the influence of origin, processing method and variety of the coffee bean. We study how lower or higher brew ratios and extraction time affect flavor. We discover why milk froths and also why sometimes it doesn't. We brew different coffees from the barista menu and open the doors to financial insight.


One day (7 hours). We start at 10 am, we finish at 5 pm.

preliminary trainiNg

For those who have not taken any prior courses, we recommend to first complete the SCA Barista Skills Foundation training. It is not compulsory to have taken the Foundation training, however, participants for this Intermediate program are expected to have a grasp of the knowledge and skill-set that is taught in the Foundation training.    


Course: € 377,00 ex VAT (including training materials and lunch)
Certificate SCA-members: € 100,00 ex VAT (please inform us of your membership during application)
Certificaat non-members: € 180,00 ex VAT

As a member of the SCA you receive a discount on the certificate. You can join the SCA here: https://sca.coffee/membership/ 


It is essential to be able to practice at home/work. If you do not have an espresso machine to work with at home or at work, try to find a bar or restaurant in your neighbourhood to practice. ITC Academy offers planned evenings to practice at our training centre for those who have no espresso machine at their disposal.

for who?

Coffee roasters, buyers, vendors, employees working with coffee, private individuals who would like to learn basic barista skills.

This training has been developed to test the more advanced skills and knowledge that are expected from a competent barista.


The SCA Barista Skills Intermediate examen will be taken at a later date, depending on the time needed for the student to be fully prepared for the exam. The exam lasts about 1,5 hour and consists of a theoretical test as well as a practical test.

As soon as you think you are ready, you can contact us to arrange a date for taking your exam (t. 06 12 80 25 93, e-mail info@remove-this.itcacademy.nl). We have monthly examination evenings in both Zeewolde and The Hague.


Coffee beans

What affects flavor? What are the influences of origin, processing method and variety of the coffee beans?

Workspace Management

How do you set up your workspace to enable yourself to work fast and efficiently?

Grinding, ratios and tamping

What are the advantages and disadvantages of on-demand grinding? How do you make micro-adjustments to the grind size? What are the effects of higher and lower brew ratios on the flavor?

Brewing and Extraction

How does extraction time affect flavor? How do you achieve a balance between sour and bitter?

Milk frothing techniques

What causes milk to froth? How do you create a foam layer from non-cow's milk? Why does milk sometimes refuse to froth?

Barista menu

How to make an espresso, macchiato, Americano, cappuccino, latte and flat white? How do you go about preparing an order with multiple drinks efficiently? What do you make first? What comes last?

Hygiene, health and safety

How do you avoid cross contamination? What are the health risks from preparing coffee?


What is the importance of good physical hygiene? What does hospitality entail?

Cleaning and machine maintenance

How do I clean the espresso machine? How does improper cleaning affect the performance of the espresso machine?

Financial insight

Understanding and appreciating the necessary costs of making coffee. 



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