Japanese tea

Japanese tea has grown in popularity all around the world. Some have tried it, but few know much about it. How is Japanese tea produced? What is the culture surrounding it? What is the current situation of tea in Japan? Japanese Tea Masterclass will delve into these and many more questions about Japanese tea. During the class you will learn about Japanese tea brewing techniques and will have a chance to compare different kinds of Sencha. In addition to that there will be an opportunity to roast Hojicha and of course to make your own Matcha!

The class will be led by Matsu-san - a charismatic Japanese tea instructor and vice president of Obubu with more than 12 years of experience in Japanese tea, and Simona - a dedicated practitioner of Japanese tea ceremony and Obubu’s international department lead with 5 years of experience in Japanese tea.

Don’t miss a chance to experience some beautiful Japanese teas and learn directly from the source.

Date: Saturday 25th of November 2017 (click to register)

Time: 11h00-16h00

Location: The Hague, Saturnusstraat 60 - unit 72 at the Caballero Fabriek

Costs: € 97,00 excluding VAT


Yasuharu "Matsu" Matsumoto

Simona Zavadckyte

Yasuharu “Matsu” Matsumoto spends much of his time connecting with Obubu’s customers in Japan and focusing on management of the business. Together with Akky, the visionary pair seek to transform the tea farming industry in Japan. Matsu is also the driving force behind Obubu’s push to overseas markets. He travels the world teaching people about Japanese tea with events such as the Euro Tour.After earning her Master's in Japanese Studies, with a focus on Politics and International Relations, Simona came all the way from Lithuania to learn about Japanese tea. Enchanted with Obubu and its ideals, she now aims to spread Japanese tea culture around the world. Simona now looks after all of our international programs, such as wholesale, tea tours and international internship program.



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